Who is No Hassle Vacations and why should I Use them for my rental equipment needs?

No Hassle Vacations is your fully licensed, fully insured rental equipment Resource. For the past twelve years we have specialized in providing rental equipment to the vacation homes in the greater Orlando area. Under new management since the fall of 2008, our goal is to provide the finest customer service and the cleanest, newest equipment in the rental equipment market.

How do I open an account with No Hassle Vacations?

Very easy! Hotel Managers, Property managers, Tour Operators and Vacation Home owners can email their billing information to rent@nohasslevacations.com or fill out the registration form on the wholesale section of our website (www.nohasslevacations.com) .

What time will my equipment be delivered on the delivery day?

Since our schedule is so dynamic, we cannot give delivery times. In order to accommodate those checking out and those checking in, our goal is to deliver all equipment between the hours of 10am - 4pm. This may vary during busier times and our delivery hours may be extended.

Does No Hassle Vacation Deliver on Sunday?

Yes, we deliver seven days a week.

Does No Hassle Vacations close for holidays?

In order for our staff to enjoy time with their families, No Hassle Vacations closes Christmas Day, New Years Day, Easter and Thanksgiving. If an equipment delivery is needed during a holiday, then we will schedule delivery the day before or the day after. We are open all other holidays.

Is No Hassle Vacations licensed?

Yes, we are fully licensed in the state of FL. Copies are available upon request.

Does No Hassle Vacations carry liability insurance?

Yes, we carry extensive liability insurance. Copies of our Insurance certificates are available upon request.

What does the rental cost include?

All of our prices include delivery, set up, pick up and cleaning.

What does BBQ rental include?

Our standard grill is a charbroil propane grill. Our BBQ grills come with a full tank of propane and a grill brush. If additional utensils are required, these can be purchased for an additional $10.

Where are BBQ grills set up?

Unless directed otherwise, all BBQ Grills are set up in the grass in the side yard near the pool area door. If a guest calls to tell you that a BBQ was not delivered, ask them to check outside the pool area door before calling us.

What if a guest calls and has a problem with a BBQ?

We always attach a trouble shooting guide to all of our BBQs. Most times the problem is as simple as turning on the gas. If the guest continue to have an issue after using the trouble shooting guide, call us and we will repair or replace the grill as soon as possible.

Will sales tax be collected by No hassle vacations?

No Hassle Vacations does not collect sales tax from property managers, hotel managers, tour operators or home owners. In this capacity, No Hassle Vacations is a wholesaler, therefore, you will be collecting the Taxes from your guests. If we are working with the guests directly, then we will collect the tax because in this case we are operating as a retailer.

Will No Hassle Vacations accept last minute rental requests?

Absolutely! We only ask that you call us as well as send an email or online request since our email account isn´t always monitored. We guarantee same day delivery if we receive a phone call by 11am. After that time we will do our best to accommodate a same day delivery request but cannot guarantee it.

How do I make payment for a rental?

No Hassle Vacations emails invoices after the delivery at the end of each month. Payments can be made with checks, cash or major credit card. Our online ordering system can process credit card information. Checks can be mailed to PO Box 136194, Clermont, FL, 34713

Can I order on line?

Yes, Visit our website at nohasslevacations.com to view all of our equipment and order on line.

How does No hassle Vacations define wholesale and retail?

Our Discount wholesale pricing is extended to Disney area property managers, hoteliers, vacation rental home owners, tour operators, travel and booking agents. No FL state and local taxes will be charged. Retail pricing is used when working with and receiving payment from your guests. FL state and local taxes will be charged.